Programmatic & Data Science

Programmatic & Data Science

Coora media delivers programmatic & product performance services using data science to help your business retain more customers and achieve better programmatic performance. Leading to an increase in advertisers’ ad spend and publishers’ revenue while growing your company’s revenue overall.

Why Do You Need It?

Advertisers and publishers need to perform in a volatile environment thanks to high competition. As a result, many AdTech companies have a high churn rate. Successful AdTech companies run things differently.

You’ll Want To Answer Questions About Programmatic Performance Like:

How is your AdTech platform performing in a certain time range?

  • What vertical performs better or worse?
  • How does Click Through Rate (CTR) fluctuate against GEOs, Industries, Operating Systems?
  • What is impression volume against GEOs, Industries, Operating Systems?
  • What is an average CPM against GEOs, Industries, Operating Systems?
  • What is the Average Revenue Per Paying User (ARPPU) & Life Time Value (LTV) of my advertisers & publishers?

What’s driving your revenue growth now?

  • What do you need to do to hit $10MM Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) in 12 months’ time?

What is Predictive Analysis & Churn prevention?

  • Get tactics on how to use data-driven insights to detect in advance what advertiser or publisher account is about to churn and prevent it.

Solutions You Will Get

Predictive Modeling

Build optimisation algorithms and understand your probability of clicks & conversions. Fully automate this system for even bigger growth. 

Programmatic Campaign Management

Our team of programmatic & data science specialists can help you and your clients manage your digital marketing campaigns. 

Data Classification

Create and match segments that help to advertise in a more targeted way and as a result achieve increased performance.

Image Classification

Build an enhanced semi-automated campaign approval system that is fully compliant with leading brand safety regulations. Identify actionable insights on best performing creative types from your auction.

Data Analysis

Identifying dynamics of CTR to determine the factors affecting CTR. Content categorisation by publisher’s segments.

Product Analysis

Understand your product’s quality and what features drive the most of revenue.

Coora Media Success Story


Advertiser’s Ad Spend increased across all platform through the implementation of predictive modeling & Data analysis


Reduced time of advertisers campaign approval from an average 3 hours to up to 10 minutes

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