Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is vital to your company’s success. You want to understand what drives your revenue.

Understanding your product performance and efficiency of your business teams will allow you to make better decisions faster.

Coora media delivers relevant reporting on key business processes.

Why Do You Need Business Intelligence?

Example of answers you will get:
What do you need to do to hit $10M Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) in 12 months’ time?
How many people do you need to hire to sustain your growth targets?
How to identify and prevent Churn?
What are the gaps to improve advertisers’ & publishers’ performance?
Where to reduce costs?
How to accurately forecast financial performance?

Solutions You Will Get

Multi-Touch Attribution

Measuring, analysing, and giving actionable insights on your business teams’ effectiveness is crucial. This helps your marketing and sales teams to see how much influence each channel and interaction has on a sale.

Customer Journey Insights

Understand your customers behaviour based on historical events. Use this information to increase your sales or differentiate your brand, providing a better product or more unique services. 

Business Health

Get a visual understanding of the health of your business performance. Action this data to produce even better results.


Forecast sales, customer churn, and programmatic performance.

Business Performance Management

Get a holistic view of your business processes to help your account & sales managers grow your business revenue.

Who needs it?

Executive Managers

Account Managers


Product Managers



Industry Statistics

32% of R&D teams

regularly use four or more BI tools to do their work, leading all departments in 2020.

Business Intelligence

importance grew by 38% in 2019.

Executive management,

operations, and sales teams are the main drivers of business intelligence in organizations.

Technology & business

services are the industries with the highest rate of business intelligence adoption today.

Executives and the C-Suite

are the primary targets for BI use 80% of the time.

Small organizations

of up to 100 employees had the highest rate of business intelligence adoption in 2019.

With the importance of GDPR

and CCPA, data governance has become a top priority for companies using business intelligence.