How A Programmatic Agency Increased Sales By 700%


Watch the overview of our case study.


A Deep-dive Of Their Challenges


A Programmatic Agency wanted to penetrate a new market and increase their sales revenue. There was heavy competition in the market they wanted to expand to. This Programmatic Agency was also not very well known so it was difficult to get initial exposure.

Since the Programmatic Agency wasn’t well known, there was a lack of trust in onboarding new customers. Sales people had a hard time selling into a new market and understanding what strategy would work. 


The Problem


The Programmatic Agency wanted to understand which process gaps hindered their sales people from selling large deal contracts in the EMEA region. 

They also wanted to close any product and process gaps to enable sales to sell contracts of increased size and revenue.

But what they struggled with was to bring in revenue on a consistent basis due to their sales cycle being very long. 




Coora Media worked with the Programmatic Agency to optimise their existing sales process. First, by auditing their current strategy.

Next, we implemented a new sales plan in HubSpot CRM for them by setting up reporting dashboards tied to each sales rep activities and opportunities created.

The last step was to increase the amount of sales rep activities per month and streamline their sales process. 


The Results 


As a result of creating a new sales plan and implementing the HubSpot CRM, the Programmatic Agency was able to increase their sales revenue by 700% within the first 6 months. They were also able to properly forecast and shorten their sales cycle.


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