Inbound Marketing Powered By Revenue Attribution

Inbound Marketing Powered By Revenue Attribution

Inbound Marketing helps your business build connections with potential customers who are looking for your solution. This methodology attracts customers by creating a tailored experience along the customer journey rather than interrupting their day with communication they don't always want.

Why do You need Inbound Marketing?

As a marketer today, you want to do your job faster, smarter, and cheaper. The way to do this is to have a strategy and understand which marketing activity generates the most revenue.
The answer is Inbound, the most powerful approach to generating leads, acquiring new customers and growing your revenue.
With Coora’s specialized approach and knowledge of AdTech, you will be able to automate all your work and create processes that are scalable.

Solutions You Will Get

Strategy (Analysis & Audit)

Audit, planning, and workshops. Review your current Marketing & Sales process to find optimisation opportunities. We will help you complete competitive analysis, website and content analysis, as well as plan a successful inbound marketing strategy.

Marketing & Sales Alignment

Get optimised results by aligning expectations between departments. Well-aligned teams see 24% faster revenue growth and 27% faster profit growth. To transform this into a revenue outcome if your revenue is $1M then you will have $1,270,000 just by having a well-aligned marketing and sales team.

Marketing Automation Implementation

Coora Media will implement and set-up HubSpot Marketing Hub for you. Your marketing team can then focus on managing and analysing customer interactions and data throughout your customer lifecycle.You’ll also keep data unified in one single place and updated regularly.

Fractional CMO Solutions

Build an online marketing strategy and maintain growth tactics at a small fraction of the cost of a CMO. Beneficial to form and support initiatives of the Head of Marketing or Marketing teams.

Lead Nurturing

Successful marketing automation relies on triggering relevant and timely actions based on context. Segment contacts so you can align your message to the right buyer persona and stage in the buying journey. Through targeted lists and automated workflows, you can deliver more relevant and effective marketing messages to your client’s audience.

Processes (Building a 90-day Plan)

Stay on top of projects and forecasting with project planning and project management. Get bi-weekly updates on process improvements. Involve key stakeholders and build a digital roadmap.

Paid Search & Social - Lead Generation Funnels

Search Ads and Native Social Ads have become an important part of an inbound marketer’s strategy. Ads can give proven content a more prominent stage, whether it’s in maximising reach to an existing audience or launching campaigns for database reactivation. Search and social channels provide an excellent opportunity to help bring fresh, qualified traffic to your website.

SEO (Content Strategy)

The foundation of inbound marketing centers around content creation. Leverage buyer personas to create content that speaks uniquely to your audience and different stages in the buyer's journey.

Multi-touch Attribution Reporting

Understanding what activities drive your business is important to your growth strategy. Measure the effectiveness of each inbound effort to demonstrate results and continuously improve. Help align your key stakeholders with data-driven feedback and visual dashboards.

Coora Media Success Story


Sales leads increased through organic reach, paid media & inbound marketing tactics.


Increase in Visitors from Social by creating Social media strategy and implementing


Marketing ROI - 8.6 times making results paid off all marketing-related costs

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